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Justin's Kindness Project

Justin Mowrey was our son. He was an amazing young man who showed and displayed kindness with everyone he met. After graduating college with his BS at Lamar University in Beaumont, Tx, he started to work as a safety manager at a manufacturing plant. Unfortunately after a few years beginning his life, he was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor. He was 25. After fighting with everything in him, he succumbed to the cancer, strokes, etc on June 30, 2020 at the age of 30.

After mourning for him and learning to live without him, we have started to heal. Part of our healing process includes helping others who are hurting, grieving, and in need.

We had many different medical items that were collected over the 5 year period that Justin needed to live. These included items such as shower chairs, wheel chairs, walkers, hospital bed, and an item that was donated to us that changed our lives in a positive way: an electric scooter. This item was very important to us as it gave Justin some independence and mobility.

I met with an incredible Health Care Provider that told me he had a needy family that could use some help. This lovely couple had to use a push wheel chair because the stroke they were burdened included an inability to walk and use arms effectively. We happily donated the electric chair and received such joy from helping, that we started finding others in need to donate items we had. The joy often mixes with heartbreak because we learn of others pain when we help. We cried with a family that needed a hospital bed that they couldn't afford for their family member with Lung Cancer. Showing kindness at someone's absolute worst time is meaningful for everyone involved.

After donating our equipment and speaking with others, we have decided to increase the amount of donations and care for those families who are in need and often hopeless. We didn't want to sell the items or donate to GoodWill. The joy we receive from helping others is payment enough. We live in the Lufkin, Tx area and we will be helping as many as possible in the East Texas areas.

We have created this project to memorialize our son Justin and share his kindness with as many families as possible. Our Non-Profit will hopefully meet many families that have unused medical equipment from passed on loved ones and who want to share their kindness by donating it to the needy. This will help clean up your garage, but for me I didn't want to see these items because it acted as a trigger and reminded me of our dark days.

This is truly a win win. Please, if you have unused items, contact us today. We will donate it to someone that needs it and can't afford it.

For those of you that are in need, contact us as well. We might not have the item you desperately need, but we will work to find the item that will help you.

Thank you for reading and helping us remember Justin and his kindness.

Jerry and Fran

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