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This is WHY we do what we do!

Overall, the project we are growing and ultimately honoring our son is up and moving. But it is a lot of work: finding donors, finding those in need, and the physical work of picking up heavy equipment and moving it around. I'm not complaining because of the reason we are doing this: to help others. But it is a lot of work.

That being said, here is a picture of Fran and I with Mr Don after we donated a battery powered wheel chair.

With Don's condition, it was getting difficult to maneuver with just a manual chair. Plus his sweet wife Ms Sheryl will get some relief while she allows her husband to move around independently!

Do you see the look on their faces. That's why Fran and I do this. This couple are in a fight that they plan on winning and hopefully we are helping a little bit.

Supporting them and any/all others while sharing kindness is what we want. When times are tough and you only seem to get bad news, you may feel so alone. Just know, that Fran and I, along with each of our special donors who unselfishly donate their items CARE!


For those of you new to our little project, thank you for checking us out. We are here to help people, especially those with medical needs that are having difficulty getting what will help. If you need some support, contact us. We will share any equipment we have with you; If we don't have a specific item, we will look for it. You never know.

Always looking for volunteers to pick up or deliver. We also have a few items that need some minor work. Thanks for helping if you can.

Also, please share this website with your family and friends. Contact your local paper/reporter to spread the news. Any help you can provide to help us grow would be great.


Jerry & Fran

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