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WOW!!! What a start!

We are so humbled and excited about the reaction from our East Texas neighbors for the donations that are coming in to our little project. We are growing fast, but hopefully we can meet the needs of those who reach out to us.

We are asking for your used medical equipment that has probably been in your storage areas of your home for years. Donate it, free up some space, and show some kindness to your neighbors.

I wish I could share the smiles and gratitude we receive when we donate these materials to those in need. They often can't believe that your donations are completely free. Great to see joy!

Here is another wonderful donor: Ms Janet. Thank You Thank You Thank You! Your gift will help someone greatly!

I need to ask for more help and support. We are in need of volunteers for different responsibilities such as pick-up/delivery, minor repair of donated items, or even website expertise (I'm sure NOT an expert!) HA!

We also need your help getting our project into the hands of those most in need.

Thank you also for all of the kind words of encouragement. Keep it up. We need it!

If you can spare a few hours a month we would love to have you.

Thanks again for your kindness!

Jerry and Fran

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