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Justin's Kindness Project

Working Toward a Kinder Future

Grandmother and Grandson

Who We Are

Here at Justin's Kindness Project or JKP, we want to serve the local community with donations of used medical equipment given to those most in need.

We are just a normal family who unfortunately faced an impossible situation. With our background in the Air Force and serving in the medical field, we saw pain and burden for the patient and family, but we never really understood until we faced it ourselves.

We lost our son Justin to cancer and we felt hopeless, lost, and full of pain. We are still healing after two years since his passing, but we feel the need to memorialize our son by helping others.

We had so many items from the years Justin was fighting his disease and they just sat in our shed. After he passed, every time I would see his equipment, I would remember sad memories. So we decided to give it all away to those most in need.

Hopefully, when you give your equipment to someone else, you will feel joy and satisfaction because you helped change a life of one of your neighbors.

Please click on the BLOG button on top to read about recent donations and connections.

Thank You,

Jerry & Fran


Thank you for learning more about JKP. Please fill out the following form to share your information and how we/you can make a difference. If you have a medical item you would like to donate or if you are in need please  contact us.

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